About us

With over 30 years in the restaurant industry, Clive Paris and Clive Paris Services Group are proud to bring this exciting new business to British Columbia; Gasket Guy +Plus whose services can greatly assist commercial refrigeration users in terms of energy savings and food safety awareness.

During this 30 year period, Clive was always receiving invoices for $400 and $500 to replace the gaskets within his own restaurants, which of course must be replaced regularly to ensure properly sealed cooler and freezers and help maintain the life of the equipment (and save energy too). You can’t put a price on conscientious restaurant owners, but it got him thinking that month after month the refrigeration company dropped by and there was always another gasket replacement invoice to be paid. There was a spark that fired across his neurons to tell him there was something in this and for him to revisit this later on, and indeed he put it on the back burner to come back at another time.

Many months later he was having the oil changed at a drive thru lube place when suddenly that spark returned to him and he thought, “These people changing my oil are not mechanics that are being charged out at a $100 an hour, but they are very effective people that have been TRAINED to change my oil and replace my filter. Why can’t we take the same approach with gasket replacement?”

After some serious research and untold visits and phone calls to the United States, he was able to persuade Gasket Guy and Gal Inc. to allow him the use of proprietary equipment, give him access to “Made in North America” gasket extrusions and dies and professionally train him and his staff on the art of manufacture and installation of gaskets for all types of refrigeration equipment.

Having previously worked with many international restaurant companies all over North America and in many capacities; Clive is aware of what a Profit and Loss statement should look like and he knows that margins are becoming slimmer and slimmer. Being frugal is the only way to keep the margins where they need to be. Utility costs are still going up, repair and maintenance bills continue to rise, food costs are climbing so loss of food due to temperature abuse is just not acceptable and risking food safety also is a non negotiable to any business.

So Clive and his employees are bringing all that knowledge and experience to all GASKET GUY +Plus customers by offering accurate temperature checking, personalized temperature checklists and visual inspections of condensers, hinges, and handles for all of the refrigeration equipment in the kitchen.

Gasket Guy +Plus is currently servicing the Metro Vancouver area and will be expanding to cover the entire Province very soon. Give us a call or CONTACT US soon and “Let us help you keep your cool!