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The refrigerator gasket is the flexible seal stripping around the outside edge of freezer and refrigerator doors that provides an airtight seal.

… and that means?

Gaskets that become worn, brittle or cracked allow air to circulate past the insulated doors, warming the food inside, creating a greater potential for spoilage. Faulty gaskets also make the compressor run overtime, wearing out the equipment early and raising your electricity bill.

Sometimes tears or loose strips of gasket material are obvious. Other times, units that keep turning themselves on or running nonstop indicate a problem. Often the problem is not so obvious. Over time, gaskets harden and/or crack, fail to seal, and let the cold out and warm air in.

An expert inspection by Gasket Guy +Plus can identify problem gaskets for you.

The inspection is always free. If we find damaged or failing gaskets, we’ll show you the problem and give you a quote. You can decide which gaskets to replace. Because we specialize in gaskets and door hardware, our prices will always be less than typical full-service refrigeration companies. Balanced against the expenses of wasted electricity and food safety risks, it will always save you money.

We can also supply hardware. Handles, hinges, strip curtains and MORE!!

Who We Are:

Gasket Guy Plus Group

Gasket Guy +Plus loves replacing gaskets and this is clearly demonstrated in our quality of work, our attention to detail, our unparalleled turnaround time and our incredibly low prices.

All it takes is one phone call and you too, can understand why Gasket Guy is the largest manufacturer and installer of commercial refrigerator gaskets and the only choice for tens of thousands of restaurants and commercial kitchens. Count on Gasket Guy +Plus when quality really counts. Remember, exceptional service is our standard and it’s above all other considerations.

Main Reasons to Hire Us

Professional Installation
Fast Service
Custom Manufacturered


Gasket Guy +Plus will perform a free, no obligation inspection and evaluation of your refrigerator and freezer gaskets, followed by a detailed estimate of repairs and recommendations. Most repairs are flat rate, not hourly, saving you additional money. Normally we return within 48 hours with custom sized, perfect fitting, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) gaskets.

We also offer food safety awareness training and,  always use digital thermometers to check the operating temperatures of your freezers or coolers. We can even provide you with a customized temperature checklist that can assist in monitoring your equipment and let you be assured that your equipment is operating correctly and safely. We will also check the condensers for cleanliness and adequate air flow. That is the +Plus and its all part of our service.

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Professional Installation

Our trained professionals can manufacture and install most gaskets on equipment that may be very old or even be out of production. We will install your gaskets with minimum service interruption and at your convenience.


Expert Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Door Repairs

Our professionals have extensive experience replacing hardware on walk-in freezers and coolers. Repairs can include hinges, door sweeps, new floors, and other hardware. Depending on parts availability, many repairs can also be performed the same day, or within a day or two.