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About Us:

Gasket Guy Plus the Market Leader in Manufacturing, Supplying, and Installing Commercial Refrigeration Door Gaskets for Businesses throughout Metro Vancouver. Replacement Refrigeration Gaskets are our speciality and that is why we can provide you with the Best Prices and Fastest Service in the Market. We cut out the middlemen to ensure you get the best product, professionally installed for the best price.

As a result, Gasket Guy Plus is the only choice for hundreds of commercial kitchens throughout Metro Vancouver. Since 2011, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and more count on Gasket Guy Plus when quality really counts. Remember, exceptional service is our standard and it’s above all other considerations. We’ll make sure your equipment is properly sealed and maintaining the correct temperature before it becomes a food-safety issue.

So, don’t wait for your next Health Department or Corporate Inspection…

Contact us for a FREE, No-obligation Evaluation of your Refrigeration Equipment!

Importance of Gasket Replacement:

What is a Gasket?

The refrigerator gasket is the flexible seal stripping around the outside edge of freezer and refrigerator doors that provides an airtight seal.

Unfortunately, gaskets become worn, brittle or cracked through use, and thus, allow air to circulate past the insulated doors, warming the food inside, creating a greater potential for spoilage. Faulty gaskets also make the compressor run overtime, wearing out the equipment early and raising your electricity bill

In summary, the Seal/Gaskets are the most important part of any refrigeration unit because they keep the cold air in and the warm air out. This allows your compressor (most expensive part to replace) to work more efficiently and not burn out. In addition, it helps maintain the internal temperature at a “food safe” level. 

It is recommended that Commercial Refrigeration Door Gaskets be replaced approximately every 6-12 months based on use.

So, if you’re unsure whether your refrigerator door gasket needs replacing, then we can come in and check for you. We offer a Free, No-obligation Inspection to any location in Metro Vancouver. 

Free, No-Obligation Inspection:

1. Schedule a time for us to come in and inspect your units (approx. 30 minutes needed)

2. We’ll send you a list of recommended replacements (if any needed)

3. You Approve -> We Install and Tag for easy future reference

Expert Installation

Our trained professionals can install any type of gasket on any type of equipment. We will install your gaskets with minimum service interruption at your convenience. Since we specialize in gaskets and refrigerator door hardware, our prices will always be much less than full-service refrigeration companies.

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Wholesale Supply

Since we are a local manufacturer, we are confident we can provide you with any kind of gasket at a much better price and faster service than your current provider. We cut out the middlemen to ensure you get the best product, supplied at the best price.

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Our Products:

High Quality Refrigeration Door Gaskets – We are a custom manufacturer of refrigeration gaskets to fit your needs. Each equipment manufacturer has specifications for the gaskets we make, however sometimes your unit may not accept the standard OEM gasket. We guarantee that when we install a gasket, it will fit perfectly, and be the same quality of OEM gaskets, but cost you much less!

Custom Refrigerator Gaskets

➤  We manufacture all of our gaskets using only high-quality North American material.

➤  Guarantee on all our work (4-month warranty on the corner weld of all gaskets).

➤  The largest database of refrigeration door gaskets (50+) on file. This allows us to easily match your gasket to our database so that we can easily identify for future use.

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Gasket Replacement Order Form

Why us?

Experience what General Managers, Kitchen Managers, Operations Managers and Owners of restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, grocery stores, coffee shops and movie theatres in Metro Vancouver know about our company. For them, it’s a simple phone call to Gasket Guy Plus and gaskets are the one thing they do not have to worry about for an upcoming health department or corporate inspection.

Many refrigeration companies admittedly hate supplying and installing gaskets, which may account for the high cost and the less than perfect work. Gasket Guy Plus loves replacing gaskets and this is clearly demonstrated in our quality of work, our attention to detail, our unparalleled turnaround time and our low prices

We have been a trusted partner for commercial kitchens and refrigeration companies since 2011 in Metro Vancouver. Considered by most to be a “niche business” we knew that what we could offer was what was needed to support the growing industry. Our service is second to none and that is what defines the “Plus” in Gasket Guy Plus.

Market Leader

The Leading Manufacturer & Installer of commercial refrigeration door gaskets in Metro Vancouver


Simple Order Process

Easy-to-use order forms and the most extensive gasket profile database 


PLUS Service

We can handle anything relating to commercial refrigeration maintenance (door handles, hinges, etc)

The concept of manufacturing and replacing gaskets and seals has continued to develop and now GASKET GUY Plus has expanded our services by also repairing warming and cooling drawers, installing strip curtains for coolers and freezers, replacing hinges and handles for all types of branded equipment as well as custom fabricated stainless steel units found in larger kitchens.

We only use high quality North American raw material so that this leads to a better seal and longer life, therefore, reduced energy consumption for your refrigeration units. We do anything we can to support the operators, owners, chefs and kitchen managers of every type of business… if we can’t do it, we’ll help you find someone who can!

Still have a question? 

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