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Our Gasket Guy’s will perform a Free, No Obligation Evaluation of your refrigerator and freezer gaskets. If we find damaged or failing gaskets, we’ll show you the problem and give you a same-day quote. Plus all of your refrigerator gaskets will be tagged so that you can decide which gaskets to replace at your convenience.

We locally produce all of our gaskets to be custom-sized, perfect fitting, made to match or exceed OEM standards for any commercial refrigerator. And since we are a local manufacturer, our prices will always be less than refrigeration parts/service companies. Keep in mind though, we do not completely replace your refrigeration company, we simply specialize in giving you the best prices for refrigerator door gaskets.

Plus, we offer a variety of Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Door Repairs – Our professionals have extensive experience in replacing hardware on walk-in freezers and coolers including door hinges, door sweeps, door closers, cooler curtains and more. Depending on parts availability, many repairs can also be performed the same day!

So, if you Manage a Commercial Kitchen – We are the fastest solution to maintaining your commercial refrigerator seals. Our trained professionals can install almost any type of gasket on any type of equipment. We will install our gaskets with minimum service interruption at your convenience. Plus, all of your refrigerator units will be tagged so that you can easily reorder whenever you need a gasket replacement.

Don’t wait for your next health inspection…We are one call away from Saving you Time, Energy, and Money! Plus, we offer split-invoice payment plans with no interest or fees! Simply split your invoice over 2-3 months for better cash-flow management. We support our customers in any way we can!

Find out why Gasket Guy +Plus is the only choice for hundreds of commercial kitchens throughout Metro Vancouver!

Book Your Free, No-Obligation Inspection:

1. Allow us to stop by for a free inspection (approx. 15-30 mins needed)

2. We’ll send you a list of recommended gasket replacements (if any needed)

3. You Approve -> We Install and Tag for easy future reference!

Don’t Fail your next Health Inspection due to worn our Gaskets! We are one-call away from saving you Time and Money!

Refrigeration Gasket Replacement

Still, wondering what GASKET GUY PLUS can do for you ?

Feature Advantage Benefit
➤ We are refrigerator gasket specialists We make sure your refrigerators are always sealing properly We save our customers
time, energy, and money!
➤ We locally manufacture all of our gaskets to OEM specifications using high-quality materials Lightning-quick turnaround & guaranteed to seal Your equipment operates in food safe manner while saving energy usage and consequently dollars!
➤ We offer free, no-obligation inspections so that we can evaluate the condition of your refrigerator seals Customers gain knowledge on
preventive maintenance methods and any potential food safety issues
Customers can plan their preventative maintenance expenses well in advance
➤ We maintain an ongoing database of customer’s current equipment using our simple tagging system An easy-to-use ordering process Customers can order replacement gaskets at their convenience
➤ Six month follow up after purchase Serves as a reminder of services
and possible promotional plans
Assist clients in acting proactively
➤ Other replacement door parts, such as handles, hinges, sweeps, and strip curtains Your one-stop-shop for commercial refrigeration parts Helps you save time and money for all of your refrigeration seal-related needs!