Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you use OEM quality components?
  • All our products are OEM quality or better. Our gasket material is all North American made, not imported from other parts of the world.
How much does Installation typically cost?
  • Since replacement door gaskets are our speciality. We can guarantee that our work will be cheaper than a “typical refrigeration company” as we have a lot less overhead and lower labour rate than a refrigeration service technician. We do not add a truck charges or miscellaneous supply charges. We will quote on the work to be completed and that is what you will pay. Everything up front and no surprises.
How much does supply only cost?
  • Since we are local manufacturer, we can both produce and ship at a much lower price to you than your current supplier. Contact us for specific pricing inquiries.
What about replacement hardware?
  • We have some great suppliers that support us in getting exactly what you need. Whether it’s a hinge bracket, door handle, replacement strip curtains or whatever, we will get it quickly and reasonably and be back to install at your convenience.
Do you warranty your products?
  • Gaskets get abused sometimes but we will warranty for 60 days, no questions asked. A 120-day warranty on all our work is standard but should there be damage from misuse or from a previously identified problem than we may ask you to contribute something toward the cost.
How often should I replace my refrigeration door gasket?
  • It is recommended that the door gasket be replaced every 6-12 months depending on the frequency of use (opening/closing) of your refrigeration unity. Typically, any standard commercial kitchen requires replacement at least once a year.
Will you fix our refrigeration equipment?
  • We specialize in gasket replacement and hardware installation – that’s why we are more reasonably priced than a “typical refrigeration company”. We are NOT refrigeration technicians.
  • In saying that we will be able to assist you in preventive maintenance, cleaning of condensers and perhaps even changing out a faulty thermostat probe or temperature gauges. We can certainly advise a course of action if you have a major problem.
Are you insured?
  • Yes, we have WorkSafe BC coverage and also liability insurance that covers us for up to 5 million dollars. Rest assured we have coverage at all times.
Is it important to monitor temperatures of our equipment?
  • Yes, yes, and yes! By tracking the temperatures of your equipment, you can see a trend or pattern developing perhaps. You can react before your equipment possibly fails. Quite honestly, many temperature issues are a result of faulty gaskets or clogged condensers. We can help you with that.
How long will it take to order and manufacture?
  • We maintain a good inventory of gasket materials but we do not have every gasket for every commercial unit that has ever been made. More common gaskets could be available within 24 hours, we will let you know the approximate time it will take and schedule a convenient time for you. For some of our regular clients or those on a service agreement with us we do stock more common gasket profiles.